World Nature Conservation Day

Posted on 26 Jul 2022

World Nature Conservation Day is an annual event held on July 28, 2022. Due to human activities having a drastic impact on our environment, important days such as World Nature Conservation Day help highlight the need to preserve a healthy environment and natural resources for future generations. The aim of World Nature Conservation Day is to remind us to be mindful when it comes to our natural environment as all of our actions have a direct impact on the environment. In addition, it gives us the chance to make a real impact by changing our perspective and making tangible positive changes in our lifestyles. Two ways that everyone can incorporate into their daily lives are to cut down on plastic use and save water.


Plastic is a non-renewable and unstainable resource as it is derived from fossil fuels. In addition, plastic is not bio-degradable with only a limited amount being recycled. The majority of our plastic ends up in landfills emitting methane. When plastic is exposed to the elements, such as the sun, the plastic breaks down into microplastics and the presence of these has been found in our oceans, water and air. Here are some easy tips on how to give up on plastic use.

  • Avoid single-use plastic packaging.
  • Use material bags when grocery shopping.
  • Avoid takeaway items like straws, plastic bottled drinks and polystyrene containers.
  • Replace your plastic water bottle with either glass, metal or reusable plastic water bottles.
  • Avoid using cling wrap, ziplock bags and other unrecyclable plastics.
  • Recycle as much plastic as you can.
  • Set up a recycling system at home, teach your family to follow it and place it in your bin in a clear bag for informal recyclers.

One of the biggest problems facing society is decreasing the level of safe drinking water. Everybody is responsible to a degree for the water pollution that has occurred. The cumulative impact resulting from population growth and urbanization has had a significant impact on our water resources. As an individual, there are easy ways that you can implement in your everyday lifestyle that can prevent or limit your contribution to water pollution which in turn conserves the amount of safe drinking water.

  • Dispose of oils, chemical cleaners and non-biodegradable items properly in order to prevent them from ending up down the drain.
  • Conduct regular maintenance on your vehicle to ensure it is not leaking oil or antifreeze.
  • In your yards avoid using pesticides and herbicides.

ENVASS encourages you to take part in World Nature Conservation Day at your home, schools and businesses by reducing your plastic waste and protecting our water resources.