Water Resource management Cape Town

Posted on 20 Aug 2018

The Cape Town government has seen and considered various ideas and proposals flying across the desk to solve the still continuing water crisis in the Cape Town region. One very radical “thinking-out-of-the-box” idea to tow an iceberg to Lambert’s Bay, for freshwater extraction, has grabbed the attention of the Water Research Commission and also attracted investors from Switzerland and the UAE.


The brains behind the idea, Nick Sloane – salvage expert, suggested a proposal to tow an iceberg to Cape Town to supplement the city’s strained water supplies  (Gosling, 2018). According to Sloan if 70% of an 80-million-ton ice-berg can be harvested, approximately 150 million litres of water per day can be provided to the City of Cape Town for a full year.  “A saucer-shaped hollow would be excavated in the iceberg to collect the meltwater that would be pumped onto tankers and discharged at a single buoy mooring offshore from Koeberg. The water would then be pumped to shore via an undersea pipeline to reservoirs near Melkbos, and then distributed from there”. (Gosling, 2018).


Even if the proposal is not accepted, it would remain something to consider for future use due to the trend of sub-Sahara Africa becoming drier. Increasingly more radical and out of the box ideas will have to be considered with the ever increasing population growth and management of water resources in South Africa.




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