Vegetation assessments are typically conducted as a requirement of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) where baseline species composition and species distribution are analysed along with identifying potential impacts and mitigation strategies. The assessments will additionally identify protected red-list species on the site which might be required to be translocated if identified within the proposed construction area.

The vegetation assessment reports are typically compiled by botanists or environmental scientists with relevant experience within the region. The reports typically consist of both a desktop assessment where the type of vegetation is established and potential alien and invasive species as well as protected red-list species are identified followed by an in situ field assessment.

During a typical vegetation assessment, the natural scientists conducting the in situ field assessment will compile a comprehensive species list of all identified species seen during the assessment. The location and species count of each species identified are additionally recorded in order to compile an in depth species distribution and species composition map as a part of the assessment.

In addition to this, vegetation assessments can be conducted on an annual or bi-annual basis in order to track the populations of either red-list species or alien and invasive species within a site. From this information a programme can be establish to either help further protect the protected vegetation on site or to help manage the spread of alien and invasive species on site.

ENVASS is proud to boast a team of specialists with extensive experience and are able to assist our clients with Vegetation assessments across South Africa. The team is able to additionally compile site specific Alien and Invasive management programmes for our clients and assist with permit requirements for the relocation of protected red-list species.

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