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Water Use Licence Audit

In South Africa, the acquisition of Water Use Licences (WULs) is a mandatory requirement for all water-related activities, including mining operations...

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The Key Components of a Healthy River

Rivers are the lifeblood of our planet, supporting a diverse range of ecosystems and providing essential resources for both human and natural communities...

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Top 5 Invasive Plant Species in KwaZulu Natal

In South Africa there are several Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS), with different IAPS being more problematic than others in each province of the country...

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The ENVASS Group is expanding our list of specialist services. Our specialists are now also able to provide a range of Hydrogeological services. This includes amongst others...

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Agricultural Sector: Typical Listed Activities in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014 (as amended)

The agricultural sector plays a vital role and is essential to feed the growing population, but may result if inadequately managed in a significant impact on the environment...

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Ever wondered what type of activities require Environmental Authorisation (EA)?

In South Africa, Environmental Authorisation (EA) is required for certain activities that have the potential to significantly impact the environment...

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The potential of constructed wetlands for the treatment of wastewater

South Africa faces a significant crisis in that an exponentially expanding population creates a demand for wastewater treatment that far surpasses current infrastructure and the capabilities thereof...

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The application of the mitigation hierarchy in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process

The mitigation hierarchy is a tiered tool which is utilized throughout a project’s lifecycle to limit negative impacts on the receiving environment...

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Steps to Achieving ISO 14001 Certification: A Guide for Eco-Conscious Companies

In an era where environmental responsibility is at the forefront of business practices, achieving ISO 14001 certification has become a hallmark of commitment to sustainable operations...

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Particulate Matter Monitoring: Protecting Our Health and the Environment

Particulate matter (PM) comprises tiny solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in the air, exhibiting diverse characteristics in size, composition, and origin...

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