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Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is an integral part of the ENVASS ethos. By informing our clients, their employees and even friends and family that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable, we can begin working on the challenges that threaten our environment. To be environmentally aware is to understand the delicateness of our environment and the importance of its safeguarding. Promoting environmental awareness is an effective way for people to become custodians of the environment and to participate in creating a brighter future for ourselves and the next generation.

Despite being a business, ENVASS is unreservedly passionate about contributing to a healthy, clean and sustainable environment for all. This is why we make available these awareness resources to you without limitations. We sincerely hope that these resources aid you in passing the torch of environmental awareness. The smallest changes in lifestyle can lead to a more environmentally responsible society and consequently, an environment that is not harmful to health or well being – as enshrined in our Constitution.

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