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ENVASS is a customer-driven consultancy firm with experienced specialists.

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ENVASS is customer and solutions driven. Adding value remains our focus, and it is this focus that distinguishes us and makes us more sustainable than our competitors. In addition to this value add, we also provide our clients with:
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    Water Use Licence Audit

    In South Africa, the acquisition of Water Use Licences (WULs) is a mandatory requirement for all water-related activities, including mining operations...

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    The Key Components of a Healthy River

    Rivers are the lifeblood of our planet, supporting a diverse range of ecosystems and providing essential resources for both human and natural communities...

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    Top 5 Invasive Plant Species in KwaZulu Natal

    In South Africa there are several Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS), with different IAPS being more problematic than others in each province of the country...

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