ENVASS utilizes the National Environmental Screening Tool to advise on specialist study requirements for all Environmental Impact Assessment Projects. The National Web-based Environmental Screening Tool is a geographically based web-enabled application that allows a developer/client intending to submit an application for environmental authorisation in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations 2014, as amended to screen their proposed site for any environmental sensitivity ( It is mandatory to submit a screening tool report with all environmental impact assessments (EIAs).

As Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs) we are always looking for ways to improve/guide our clients on any project. As a proactive measure, ENVASS with the use of a screening tool, also utilises the ‘Threatened Species No-Go Map’ which is a national scale application that informs prospective developers, Environmental Assessment Practitioners and/or the general public about areas of very high sensitivity biodiversity importance based on threatened animal and plant data ( The application acts as a precautionary tool to guide contentious projects in order to encourage early-stage rejection or avoidance before EIA commencement and in this way avoid unnecessary cost to the developer, the responding interested and affected parties (especially conservation agencies) and as a result, reduce irreversible loss/risk to the environment (

If you have any queries on any development, the ENVASS team encourages you to get in touch. We have registered and accredited Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP), Professional Natural Scientists and qualified specialists who will be able to assist with your development needs and at the same time ensure compliance with the National Environmental Management Act (as amended). Feel free to contact us for quotes or any environmental query via or on 012 460 9768.


Environmental Screening Tool –
Government Gazette of the Terrestrial Plant Species and Terrestrial Animal Species protocols –
Species environmental assessment guideline: Guidelines for the implementation of the Terrestrial Flora (3c) & Terrestrial Fauna (3d) Species Protocols for environmental impact assessments in South Africa –
Understanding SG codes –
Endangered Wildlife Trust –

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