The Importance of NEMA and the role as an EAP

Posted on 13 Dec 2021

The National Environmental Management Act- NEMA, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998,NEMA), as amended, is the statutory framework to enforce Section 24 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa ( The NEMA, as amended, is intended to promote co-operative governance and ensure that the rights of people are upheld, but also recognising the necessity of economic development while ensuring the protection of the environment ( NEMA, as amended, is used as a regulatory tool to ensure the management and conservation of natural resources and the environment.


The role of Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) is not a straight-forward task as EAPS are expected to find a balance between the environment and the economic motivation for development. EAPs are expected to comply with NEMA and ensure that the aspects of Sustainable Development are considered i.e. all pillars (Social, Environmental and Economic).  EAPs must at all times place the integrity of the environment and the conservation and long term sustainable use of the biophysical environment, and the social welfare, health and safety aspects of the socio-economic environment, above any commitment to sectional or private interests (


At ENVASS, our EAPs are all registered with the Environmental Practitioners of South Africa (EAPASA) and adhere to the code of ethics ensuring our independence, objectivity and compliance with any environmental legislation. The EAPs at ENVASS proactively engage with developers at the early stages of any proposed development to highlight potential risks relating to the environment. Over the years this transparency has been well-received by many of our existing clients and also potential clients.


If you have any queries on any development, the ENVASS team encourages you to get in touch. We have registered and accredited Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP), Professional Natural Scientists and qualified specialists who will be able to assist with your development needs and at the same time ensuring compliance with the National Environmental Management Act (as amended). Feel free to contact us for quotes or any environmental query via   or on 012 460 9768.