Regulations on Use of Water for Mining and Related Activities Aimed at the Protection of Water Resources Government Notice 704 (GNR 704) is a regulation under the National Water Act (Act No. 36 of 1998) in South Africa that places restrictions on mining operations for the purpose of protecting water resources. It prescribes measures and precautions that must be taken to prevent pollution of water resources and minimize the impact of mining activities on the environment. Compliance with this regulation is crucial for companies that engage in any mining related process on the mine including the operation of washing plants, mineral processing facilities, mineral refineries and extraction plants, and the operation and the use of mineral loading and off-loading zones, transport facilities and mineral storage yards. Non-compliance to GNR 704 can result in severe consequences for such companies, such as fines, penalties, and damage to their reputation.

The primary reason why companies should audit their compliance with GNR 704 is to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of the regulation and to protect water resources. The regulation sets out specific requirements that must be met by mining companies and related activities and designing and maintaining water systems to prevent pollution. Auditing compliance with these requirements can help companies identify any non-compliance issues, potential risks to water resources, and opportunities for improvement in the management of water resources in mining and related activities.
Auditing compliance with GNR 704 can also help companies avoid fines, penalties, and legal action resulting from non-compliance. Failure to comply with the regulation can result in significant financial and reputational damage to the company. Conducting regular compliance audits can assist companies identify and address non-compliance issues before they escalate into legal or regulatory actions, protecting the company’s financial and reputational interests.

GNR 704 audits can also help companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices. Compliance with the regulation is essential for ensuring the sustainable use of water resources in the mining industry while also protecting the environment.

Compliance with the regulation ensures the protection of water resources, ensures sustainable and responsible mining practices, and helps companies avoid fines, penalties, and legal action resulting from non-compliance. ENVASS can help your company by providing GNR 704 audits to identify and address non-compliance issues, protecting your financial and reputational interests, and assist in demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility.

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