The ENVASS Group of Companies, 2020 reflection

Posted on 10 Mar 2021

The ENVASS group of companies had to adjust our business operations during this time, largely with adaptions to; office working hours, external communications, local and international travel, internal quality controls and changes in the way that we offer a service. We were able to refine an online compliance audit protocol, enabling our Compliance Auditors and Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) teams to minimize on site interaction with our valued clients yet be able to audit and verify compliance at each operational site.


Other initiatives included the launch of remote public open days on EIA projects, remote project meetings, remote data assessments of large mine closure projects, and remote sensing through improved GIS initiatives.


ENVASS in this time enhanced its fleet of field vehicles, we expanded to two (2) new coastal offices (Durban and Cape Town) and transferred various internal policies, procedures and checklists to on-line platforms resulting in less paper management and less imperative personal interaction.


We were in our marketing campaigns also cognisance of the unique situation and remained sensitive to customer behavioural changes and needs.  As such, our online advertising programme was enhanced to include information sharing initiatives through various social media platforms and client newsletters.


Our social media follower base grew by nearly 400% and we kept our current and potential customers up to date on all industry-related changes with the right messages at the right time.


In a time of uncertainty, we worked to create stability, we backed ourselves in our culture of professional integrity and depended on our most valuable assets, which is our wonderful team.