Team Annual Legal Update Training

Posted on 23 May 2018

Employees are essential to growing an organisation. ENVASS looks to staff the most talented individuals to fill job roles to better expand our service offerings. Employee value proposition is a way of not only getting the right people to work for us but also a way of creating advocates for our organisational vision.

ENVASS has a customer focussed, quality driven culture striving to present environmental solutions through analysing, calculating and interpreting problems based on project management principles by a team continuously working to better itself.  Adding value remains our focus, and it is this focus that distinguishes us and makes us more sustainable than our competitors. ENVASS is renowned for the delivery of highly effective environmental solutions to various industries. Through our extensive skills and experience reference base, ENVASS boasts with the ability to streamline existing programmes into improved cost effective and integrated solutions providing highly tangible medium and long term value propositions.

On the 4th of May 2018 ENVASS hosted the Centre for Environmental Management (CEM), a division of the North-West University, to provide Environmental Law Awareness training for all of its staff members. Presented by Reece Alberts and Louis Kotzé, ENVASS was made aware of the importance of Environmental Law in the context of its business.

Special attention was given to the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act (39 of 2004) and the National Water Act (36 of 1998) and how they relate to their clients’ needs and requirements. Other topic included:

  • Common law for environmental managers
  • The National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 (NEMA) and Compliance and Enforcement
  • Legislation protecting natural environmental components
  • Mining and environmental law

We are committed to providing our clients with services and solutions that meet the requirements of the most recent South African Environmental Laws and Regulations. To meet this commitment of value proposition, ENVASS ensures their dedicated staff is well trained and aware of the laws that regulate its clients’ relevant industries.

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