Success in uncertain times – Adapting to a new normal

Posted on 13 Sep 2021

The world has found itself in a unique situation. It’s been over twelve months since our president has placed restrictions on human interaction. Many professionals have been tasked with operating in unique working environments and having to adapt to new operating models to sustain their organisations.  Many have succumbed to these restrictions, however, for ENVASS employees, this was an opportunity to showcase resilience during these unknown times. ENVASS adapted to the ‘new normal’ by settling into new ‘office’ spaces. We are grateful to our Higher Management for establishing processes and structures which have allowed us to continue our commitment to our clients.


Our lockdown did not restrict us – it did the opposite – it allowed us to further explore other forms of communication with our clients. Using tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp has enabled us to become more accessible to our clients and colleagues. Anonymous Client: “Very impressed with the availability of the ENVASS team!”


Our turnaround time to assist clients has reduced and the organisation has become more efficient. Project Initiation and kick-offs no longer need to have a lead time of a week to be arranged, ENVASS is executing these aspects within 2 days of appointment, effectively contributing to shortening the project timeline. Furthermore, as environmentalists we are traveling less and only when we are required to, thereby contributing less to the global CO2 emissions. Our Environmental Processes often have Public Meetings and many have successfully been undertaken virtually. The Covid-19 restrictions of hosting physical public meetings have allowed us to extend our reach to more communities virtually, positively impacting our processes. At ENVASS our motto is not to be complacent during these times but to make our effective mark/ impact on all our projects!