Hydrological investigations

Services include conceptual planning of projects, institutional planning and development, water resource studies, water conservation and water demand management.

  • Water Resource Planning
  • Mine Water Management
  • Floodlines and Surface Water Management Plan
  • Water Master Plans (for both industrial and government)
  • Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, and Recycling
  • Wastewater System
  • Water Quality Treatment
  • River and Coastal Engineering
  • Water Supply System
  • Dams and Hydropower
  • Water Conservation and Demand Management

Hydrogeological investigations

Water Resources Sector:

  • Groundwater flow and transport modelling;
  • Groundwater Reserve Determinations;
  • Bottled Natural/Mineral Water Development;
  • Landfill Hydrogeological Investigations;
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Resource Development Plans;
  • Rural or urban water supply Investigations;
  • Borehole and aquifer testing; and
  • Aquifer hydraulics determinations.


Mining Sector:

  • Numerical Groundwater Modelling;
  • Pollution Plume Migration Studies;
  • Mine Dewatering Strategies and Studies;
  • Chemical Contamination/Hydrochemistry Studies; and
  • Water Supply Investigations.


Groundwater Monitoring Sector:

  • Water Quality Monitoring of Surface Water and Groundwater;
  • Microbiological Monitoring of Surface Water and Groundwater; and
  • Groundwater Level Monitoring.

Other services

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