ISO 14001 Systems Training

Understand the key differences between the 2004 and 2015 ISO 14001 management system. Get to grips with key issues which will influence your existing and or a planned management system and workshop with a facilitator on action plans to either change over or to implement the new standard from the start. Course duration 1 day: 2 sessions. Group size 5 to 10.

Environmental Legal training

Environmental laws in South Africa are continuously changing and the challenge of achieving compliance is on the increase. This course module assists the learner in understanding the basic yet applicable Environmental Laws in South Africa and how these legal requirements could have an influence on your company’s specific activities. The course module provides for contextualisation in accordance to the aspect/impact and risk registers of the company. Depending on the requirements, this course module can be tailor made for an operational and or a strategic audience. Course duration: 1 day, 2 sessions

Environmental Awareness training

Employees and contractors must understand what the environment includes where they work and operate. Creating an awareness reduces risk and improves operational efficiencies. This course module provides a detailed yet simplistic explanation of how a person is an integral part of the environment and how awareness can contribute to the sustainability of an organisation and the area in which it operates. This training is specifically useful for a large number of employees, and to ensure compliance with international standards such as ISO 14001 and the GRI. Training can be provided to groups between 15 and 20. Certificates of attendance is provided. Course duration:1 day, 2 sessions. Group size 15 to 20.

Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation Training

Understand what an EMS is and the purpose of an EMS (Environmental Management System). Gain insights into the working of the system as well as valuable lessons learned during the actual implementation and maintenance of an EMS in various types of organisations. This course module can also be adapted to include aspects of the ISO 14001 2015 version, particular to describe the planned changes and to assist prospective ISO 14001 companies in preparing for the coming changes. Course duration 2 days: 4 sessions. Group size 5 to 10.

Environmental Internal Auditor Training

Audit training is conducted against the “planned arrangements/audit protocol”, including procedures and operating instructions/ work instructions. Whether you’re a mining company, a construction company and or a small or medium enterprise then this course is for you. Gain an overview of the internal audit requirements of a typical internal auditor. Course duration: 1 day 2 sessions. Group size 5 to 10

Awareness Posters

Environmental awareness is an integral part of the ENVASS ethos. By informing our clients, their employees and even friends and family that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable, we can begin working on the challenges that threaten our environment. To be environmentally aware is to understand the delicateness of our environment and the importance of its safeguarding. Promoting environmental awareness is an effective way for people to become custodians of the environment and to participate in creating a brighter future for ourselves and the next generation.


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Environmental Seminars

ENVASS hosts a series of Environmental seminars throughout the year to keep all current and potential clients up to date with the latest legal requirements specific to their industries.

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