The Environmental Assurance (Pty) Ltd. (ENVASS) remote environmental service model enables us to deliver services to our clientele from any location
ENVASS provides the following remote services:

Remote Compliance Audits (ISO 19011 compliant)

ENVASS has the ability to provide a remote compliance auditing service based on the ENVASS online audit model design and rolled out in 2018.  The auditee remotely responds to a web-based tailor-made questionnaire, further enabled to submit documented evidence electronically.  Remote analysis, interpretation, interviews and imagery augments the delivery of compliance audit reports in a complete secure on line environment. ENVASS current supports large state-owned enterprises with this product. 

  • Online WUL, AEL, WMP and EMP PAR compliance audits
  • ISO 19011 aligned
  • Secure electronic, web-based documented evidence data repositories
  • GIS and photographic evidence linked site verification methodology

Environmental Screening

Environmental screening has become a prerequisite project phase for many authorizations and even recently, also required in the draft Gazetted Species assessment guidelines.  Technological advances and the availability of many biophysical and material GIS layers allows for green field and brown field project to be screened accurately for physical, biophysical and social references: 

  • Environmental screening tool (Department of Environmental Affairs)
  • Screening of sensitive areas or sensitivities of a proposed development area
  • GIS mapping of areas, topographical assessments,
  • GIS flow dimensions, watercourse delineations
  • Land ownership assessments and Land claims research
  • National Wetland Inventory analyses
  • Terrestrial biodiversity and wetland screening reports
  • Terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity conservation importance and sensitivity assessment
  • Desktop soil type and land capability analysis

GIS mapping and impact modelling

  • Terrestrial biodiversity and wetland screening reports;
  • Drone based noise impact assessment – noise nullification monitor added to drone;
  • High volume remote based PM and air quality samplers (single placement and retrieval off site);
  • Diffuse Air quality sampling (single placement and retrieval off site)
  • Terrain analysis
  • Desktop hydropedological analysis and feedback
  • Visual line-of-site analysis

Web based solutions (Virtual mining solutions)

  • Web based Social and labour plan compliance audits
  • Web based legal register updates- linked to virtual mining maps and aerial overlay
  • Web based Li@bility: Virtual Mine closure cost assessment programme
  • Web based ENVASS H&S compliance audit – web-based software – EHS companion audit tools
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Environmental management systems and Contractor compliance

  • Virtual Environmental training programmes, site and or EMPR specific
  • Remote contractor yard audit assessment – voice over data audit technique
  • Remote development of ISO based EMS, policies and procedures
  • Contractor Packs compilation and assessment

Environmental training and awareness

  • Environmental Awareness webinar and workshop
  • Online competence and assessment of awareness
  • Online Environmental Competency Assessments
  • Legal update training with Specialist lawyers
  • Environmental Awareness posters/brochures/manuals (client specific)
  • Best-practice onsite for wetland conservation
  • Specialist assessment requirements webinar

Design and development of training brochures and posters

  • Invasive species posters/brochures/manuals (client specific)
  • Mine closure awareness brochures
  • ISO EMS awareness brochures
  • Soil bioremediation awareness brochures
  • Waste management awareness brochures
  • Spill handling and remediation
  • Wetland management onsite
  • Riverine system conservation
  • Vegetation conservation and general rehabilitation methods

Departmental interface, report submissions

  • Listing Enquiries to competent authorities
  • Pre-consultation session and meeting (EIA, WUL applications)
  • Visual Impact Screening / baseline GIS (Viewshed Analysis)
  • Remote / Virtual awareness training – ENVASS Training Videos
  • Regulatory Compliance Reporting – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

Remote strategic Environmental support

  • Environmental Due Diligence Screening
  • Environmental compliance strategy / project map and design
  • Project environmental compliance strategy designs
  • ISO / EMS Procedure Compilation
  • Remote incident investigation and reporting

Virtual ECO and or SME project allocation

  • Virtual allocation of SME and or ECO to project meetings
  • Contractor compliance assessment
  • Contractor Training
  • Project Management Programmes
  • Remote Site Procedure management

Report compilation, reviews and sign off

  • Annual Water Quality Reports Compilation
  • Annual Air Quality and AEL reports
  • Emissions Reporting and modelling
  • National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory System reporting
  • Green House Gas Reporting
  • Carbon Tax calculations
  • External Reviews of specialist reports, EMP’s, EIA’s EMPR’s (EAPASA and SACNASP)

Semi-remote and autonomous monitoring and measurement

  • ENVASS SC drone water sampling, physico-chemical data from aquatic ecosystems
  • ENVASS SC drone water sampling, chemical and sediment sampling
  • ENVASS SC drone ecosystem turbidity assessments
  • ENVASS SC drone stability assessments on tailings, waste rock dumps
  • ENVASS SC drone riparian stability assessments rivers, stormwater drains, receiving environment
  • ENVASS SC drone rehabilitation audit and field verifications

Radio controlled and robotic support

  • Radio controlled dredging support, slimes dam & stormwater dam clean up
  • Underwater Camera visual assessment – sedimentation assessments

ENVASS SC shop online Environmental remediation products

  • Bioremediation products, single and bulk deliveries
  • Spill kits for large and small event
  • Spill kit register and monthly checks
  • Acid mine draining, bentonite and asphalt large volume delivery
  • Water purification filters and water flocculant
  • Bio degradable soaps and firefighting equipment
  • Plastic water separators and sumps
  • Hand held water quality monitors (Ph, EC and TDS)
  • Biodegradable soil moisture sensors, leak detection
  • Rehabilitation seed mixtures
  • Remote nursery for specific plant species on demand
  • Soil amelioration (NPK) bulk delivery
  • Dust Suppression Products

Other services

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