Site Survey and Itemisation

Mine Closure planning requires not only an in-depth understanding of the life of mine, but also of the associated infrastructure and or items which will be affected by any form of a closure plan. ENVASS provides a value adding service to capture, categorise and prioritise closure items which forms the basis of financial provision.

Closure Cost and Liability Assessment

Closure Cost and Liability Assessments have become one of the most important organisational risk management tools for the mining industry. It ultimately aims to determine the actual and or potential cost associated with scheduled and or unscheduled closure. ENVASS provides value adding service by applying the South African DMR guidelines, international standards and or custom made contractor rate calculation models to assess and report on liability at any point in time.

Annual Closure Cost Updates

Annual Closure Cost updates are what are required as an administrative compliance report by the MPRDA. Annual Closure cost updates requires that progressive mining and or progressive rehabilitation initiatives become contextualised so that liability intake or liability decrease is understood and controlled year on year. ENVASS provides a value adding service through either a detailed itemisation and or a DMR rules based approach. ENVASS extends this service to align with the requirements of the GNR 1147 and also ensure that closure initiatives are linked to hazard assessments and relevant unit rates.

Closure Objectives and Plans

Closure objective setting ensures that closure plans become specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. Closure objectives are closely linked to the relinquishment criteria and provide the basis upon which roles, responsibilities, and financial allocation are made. ENVASS provides a value-adding service whereby closure objectives are contextualised within environmental management plans.

Compliance to GNR 1147

GNR 1147 (the financial provision regulations) will in all probability come into effect in February 2019. Mining right holders, as defined by the regulation, will at this time be required to present an annual closure plan, a final closure plan as well as a closure risk assessment. ENVASS provides a value-adding service whereby the requirements of the GNR 1147 during this transitional period is aligned with requirements of the MPRDA closure guidelines, enabling the client to ascertain the potential impact that the GNR 1147 regulation could have on the extent of the existing financial closure provision.

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