Remote compliance audits, resulting in less audit fatigue

Posted on 10 Mar 2021

Environmental Audits can be a time-consuming operation, especially if various compliance commitments or requirements are set for an organisation. At ENVASS we undertake regular and various environmental audits to ensure that your business can benefit and grow sustainably. Adding value through audit assurance remains our focus. Our audit design, execution and close-out aim to accurately assess compliance risks, objectively evaluating your control systems and procedures.  Our audit team draws on 25 years of industrial experience.  Our collaborated industrial knowledge, specialised levels of insight and strict compliance to audit principles enable us to execute best in class audit programmes and/or standalone audit reports.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we use in this process. However, the audit process, document requests, site visits and interviews can become tedious with the various aspects to be covered.


ENVASS has as a result developed a remote compliance auditing service based on the ENVASS online audit model design and rolled out in 2018. The auditee remotely responds to a web-based tailor-made questionnaire, further enabled to submit documented evidence electronically and the facilitation of sessions for remote interviews.  Remote analysis, interpretation, interviews and imagery augments the delivery of compliance audit reports in a complete secure online environment. ENVASS currently and successfully supports large state-owned enterprises with this product:


  • Online WUL, AEL, WML and EMP PAR compliance audits.
  • Secure electronic, web-based documented evidence data repositories.
  • GIS and photographic evidence-linked site verification methodology.


We endeavour to improve time and cost efficiencies and have considered physical constraints such as site accessibility, travel distances and other unforeseen events such as the national state of emergency. In response that we have deployed ISO 9001 aligned, tailormade audit protocols to suit the varying demand of our clients which include:


  • Site based – integrated audit protocols (meetings, interviews, checklists, feedback).
  • Remote based – intensified and interactive desktop reviews.
  • Remote based – Online opening meetings, interviews and close-out meetings.
  • Remote based – Secure online documented evidence submission platforms.
  • Semi remote based – Drone (fly by) and live streaming camera site visits.
  • Semi remote based – After-hours auditing to limit exposure.


Our remote audit protocol links to clear interpretable documented evidence, strong visualization and an alignment with existing document controls on site. The remote programme reduces the time spent on planning and preparation leading to less audit fatigue.  Ask our highly capable team of auditors for a suggestion or a quote to be packaged into a tailored made audit programme, cost & time effectively suitable for you!