Professional Development in Aquatic Health

Posted on 18 May 2018

Environmental Assurance (Pty) Ltd (ENVASS) prides itself on value added service offerings and continued growth, culminating unique skills and training opportunities for sustained employee development. ENVASS has an established environmental specialist division, serviced by highly qualified and experienced aquatic and terrestrial ecologists, whom provide specialist services to various mining houses and industry sectors in South Africa.

Recently, ENVASS sent three employees, e.g. Liezl Taylor, Wian Esterhuizen and Wietsche Roets, on the South African Scoring System (SASS) Version 5 training course. The SASS method is based on the British Biological Monitoring Working Party (BMWP) method and has been adapted for South African conditions by Dr. F.M. Chutter (1998). SASS5 consists of the rapid bioassessment of macroinvertebrates to determine the health of rivers and forms the backbone of the South African National River Health Programme. The SASS5 course was completed with GroundTruth, innovators in the Water Resources, Biodiversity and Environmental engineering industries. Dr Mark Graham led the course, assisted by Juan Tedder and Dr Vere Ross-Gillespie, all experts in their respective fields.

Improvement of current product and service offerings along with internal skills development for more in-house service offerings forms an integral part of ENVASS`s strategic objectives and targets.

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