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A human can live for more than three weeks without food, but can only survive for three-to-four days without water.

ENVASS Wetland & Aquatic Solutions (Pty) Ltd

A human can live for more than three weeks without food, but can only survive for three-to-four days without water. With the population of Earth relying so heavily on this non-renewable resource, it is imperative to implement every means possible to conserve the systems that form part of the water cycle. In an effort to be proactive and forethinking, founding members Emile van Druten and Wayne Westcott have opened a subsidiary company titled ENVASS Wetland and Aquatic Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (ENVASS WAQ). Its sole purpose is to utilise its resources and focus its efforts on identifying, quantifying, and conserving the wetland and aquatic resources of Africa through the implementation of legislation tools and best-practice methodologies.

With a combined experience of more than 30 years of work in all sectors of the economy, from large-scale infrastructural developers to international mining consortiums, the ENVASS WAQ team has the experience and knowledge to provide practical, sustainable, and financially viable solutions. Both coming from environmentally conscious backgrounds, Emile and Wayne strongly believe in meeting human development goals while simultaneously conserving the natural resources in which they are constructed. This principle of sustainable development echoes throughout the organisational structure and vision, also creating a platform on which the development of wetland, aquatic and hydropedological practitioners from previously disadvantaged communities can take place.

Based in the wet province of KwaZulu-Natal with several regional offices throughout South Africa, ENVASS WAQ is perfectly positioned to provide services to a wide variety of clientele in different hydrological environments. A strong driver to build relationships with, and provide services to, the regional Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and Catchment Management Agencies (CMAs) is also at the forefront of our objectives. These services include everything from wetland and aquatic impact assessments to the development of offset programs for all types of developments. Our primary goal is to provide specialist input throughout the lifespan of any proposed development, or existing activity to ensure that the outcome is an established product that is in line with the engineered idea, but environmentally sustainable and appealing to the community as a whole.

ENVASS WAQ is proud to report that we are a Level 4 B-BBEE contributor and a positive supporter of empowerment in our management and workplace. In the everchanging economic conditions within our country, we at ENVASS WAQ strive to supply high-quality services, that are compliant with legislated requirements, through an empowering and uplifting production process. Guided by ISO 14001:2015 principles as well as the Association of Project Management in South Africa (APMSA) guidelines, we are the perfect partners to implement and manage all projects associated with the environmental water and aquatic needs of any organisation. By incorporating the objectives and principles stipulated within the National Water Act (Act no. 36 of 1998), National Environmental Management Act (Act no. 107 of 1998), and the Minerals and Petroleum Resource Development Act (Act no 62 of 2008) into our company goals and objectives, we promise a strong indirect relationship with the governing legislation through all services we provide.

When in search of an established, well-organised business to supply quality environmental wetland and aquatic services timeously within scope and budget, go straight to ENVASS Wetland and Aquatic Solutions (Pty) Ltd. For further information on our business and the services we provide throughout Africa, please visit www.envass.co.za, email wayne@envass.co.za or emile@envass.co.za,  or call 012 460 9768. For ease of reference, the services that ENVASS WAQ can provide, among others, are listed below:
  • Wetland and Aquatic Delineation and Impact Assessments;
  • Section 21(c) & (i) Risk Assessment Matrices (RAM) (DWS, 2016);
  • Aquatic South African Scoring System Ver. 5 (SASS5) Biomonitoring;
  • Wetland and Aquatic Rehabilitation Strategies;
  • Wetland and Aquatic Offset Programmes;
  • Fish Surveys and Management Programmes;
  • Water Quality, Ecotoxicology, Diatom, and Sediment Analyses;
  • Hydropedological surveys;
Other assessments include; Fish Response Assessment Index (FRAI), Macroinvertebrate Response Assessment Index (MIRAI), Riparian Vegetation Response Assessment Index (VEGRAI), Index of Habitat Integrity Assessment (IHIA) and Ecostatus Classification of rivers.
When in doubt, approach the leading wetland and aquatic organisation for advice and project input.
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