National Atmospheric Emission Inventory System Reporting Deadline for listed activities and mines

Posted on 5 Feb 2020

The South African Atmospheric Emission Licensing and Inventory Portal (SAAELIP) is the online management portal for listed activities in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004 (Act No. 39 of 2004). The portal enables users to manage their Atmospheric Emission Licences, reporting and submission requirements. The portal further makes provision for activity reports on National Atmospheric Emission Inventory System.

ENVASS would like to remind your company to report to the NAEIS reporting system before 31 March of 2020.

A data provider must submit the required information for the preceding calendar year, as specified in Table 1 to these Regulations, to the NAEIS by 31 March of each calendar year where they fall in the category of Listed Activities, Controlled Emitters, Mines or activities required to report as per local municipal bylaws. In other words, any company that holds an AEL, specific atmospheric exemption, authorisation or mining right, is by law required to complete and submit annual reports on the system.

The NAIES reporting platform can be daunting to first and repeat users as a wide range of information, specific to the operation, must be collated and entered. This can include anything from operational hours, production volumes, materials use, energy consumption, monitoring results and calculations using the NAEIS emissions and conversion factors. 

ENVASS has been reporting on the NAEIS system for various companies since implementation and can assist any company by completing reports on your company’s behalf.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance on either the SAAELIP or NAEIS portals.