Posted on 13 Jun 2022

The month of June is known as National Environment month. In South Africa, many Environmental Departments have spearheaded the environmental campaign this month by hosting workshops, forums, stakeholder engagement sessions and even utilising social media to bring awareness to environmental related topics.


June is also recognised as National Youth month and in keeping in line with the youth and environmental theme, the Groen Sebenza programme which was launched in 2013 (https://www.gov.za/), in partnership with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) has been receiving a lot of attention over the years. The Groen Sebenza programme, is a skills development and job creation pilot programme aimed at developing priority skills in the biodiversity sector.


For Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs), the month of June is important as it looks at promoting and encouraging awareness on environmental issues and advocates the need for change. At ENVASS we proactively engage with our current and future clients to offer best-environmental practice options that will have formidable positive impacts on the environment and also the development. We at all times ensure that we comply with National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998), as amended and ensure that the aspects of Sustainable Development are considered, i.e. all pillars (Social, Environmental and Economic).


At ENVASS, our EAPs are all registered with the Environmental Practitioners of South Africa (EAPASA) and need to adhere to the code of ethics ensuring independence, objectivity and compliance with any environmental legislation. The EAPs at ENVASS proactively engage with developers at the early stages of any proposed development to highlight potential risks relating to the environment. Over the years this transparency has been well-received by many of our existing clients and also potential clients.


If you have any queries on any development planning, the ENVASS team encourages you to get in touch. We have registered and accredited Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP), Professional Natural Scientists and qualified specialists who will be able to assist with your development needs and at the same time ensuring compliance with the National Environmental Management Act (as amended). Feel free to contact us for quotes or any environmental query via info@envass.co.za   or on 012 460 9768.



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