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Environmental Monitoring does not only ensure compliance to relevant regulations and standards but provides baseline conditions, identification of environmental objectives and mitigation requirements. At ENVASS, the aforenoted is implemented as an integrated monitoring approach through a diverse professional team, providing comprehensive in-house services to solving environmental challenges, saving clients time, reducing costs, reducing risk and ensuring high-quality work products.

The approach is applied through a systematic process initiated and enhanced through continuous progress systems to the final delivery stage. The phased approached provides cost-effective services through negotiated contractual low pricing with independent SANAS Accredited Laboratories and specialists, where ENVASS incorporates the project related requirements as a Customised Solution Package in substitute to a single project approach. The phased approach is summarised to include initiation and requirement specification meetings with clients, continuous monthly progress tracking throughout the relevant ENVASS divisions, chain of custody systems, internal quality assurance protocols and final product delivery status. As a multi-divisional service provider, ENVASS promotes integrated, trackable solution packages throughout the relevant divisions ensuring cost-effective high quality products specifically designed to the requirements of each project and client.
For cost effective integrated environmental packaged solution design and implementation, please do not hesitate to contact our highly qualified consultants for a proposal on 012 460 9768 or

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