As mineral resource mining remains one of the key South African economic contributors, the application of a Rehabilitation Strategy Implementation Plan (RSIP) is considered vital to ensure a self-sustaining post mining landform and land use scenario. The integration of mine planning, design, construction and rehabilitation throughout all phases of the mining operations produces a strategy to mitigate environmental degradation and reduces long term financial closure and rehabilitation costs.

The purpose of an RSIP is therefore to provide a strategic framework against which the progressive and future rehabilitation should be conducted with consideration to best practice guidelines. The intention is thus to define appropriate relinquishment criteria, set achievable objectives and monitor progression throughout all phases of the operation. In essence, a RSIP should be considered as a minimum requirement to contribute to the high level closure plan for reinstatement of pre-mining land capabilities as far as is practically feasible.

In order to achieve the aforenoted, the following main objectives form part of a RSIP:

  • Define land use / post-closure aesthetics and return land to a similar or improved pre-mining capability;
  • Demolish and rehabilitate infrastructures that cannot be utilised by land users or third parties;
  • Minimization of environmental pollution and impacts;
  • Promotion of long term sustainability and reduction of disturbances; and
  • Social and economic impacts on potential long-term maintenance requirements for future generations.
As mining progresses and rehabilitation implementation strategies deviate over the Life of Mine (LoM), it is of extreme importance to continuously update and align the RSIP, Closure Plan and Financial Provision to ensure that closure cost is accurately represented and budgeted, rehabilitation objectives achieved, impacts minimised and post-mining aftercare optimised. The compilation, alignment, review and implementation of an RSIP sets the criteria and road map to achieve a sustainable environment which continuously strives to improve on environmental management consequently reducing degradation.

ENVASS as a multi-disciplinary service provider comprises of several experienced consultants within diverse divisions who can assist with the compilation and update of a RSIP, Closure Plan and related Financial Provision (MPRDA and GNR 1147). If you require a solution-driven proposal for these services, please do not hesitate to contact our highly qualified specialists at ENVASS on 012 460 9768 or

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