As water quality monitoring forms part of monthly operational aspects related to compliance requirements associated with Water Use Licences (WUL), Environmental Monitoring Programmes (EMPr) and general duty of care (NEMA Section 28) it is vital to ensure correct sampling procedures according to specific water resources.

Numerous guidelines are present within the industry in order to obtain representative water quality composition, while the South African National Standards (SANS) extensively describes the precise sampling guidelines relative to the water resource category, preservation and handling. Several guidelines have been published by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) associated with the guidance and sampling methodology where the SANS 5667 standard is considered to serve as a minimum requirement to ensure adequate field monitoring and sampling for collection of representative water samples.

The SANS 5667 standard consist of several corresponding sections or parts regarding individual requirements and water resources, while the below stated is utilised with respect to the collection of water samples:

  • Guidance on the design of sampling programmes and sampling techniques
    • SANS 5667-1:2008/ISO 5667-1:20036
  • Guidance on the preservation and handling of water samples
    • SANS 5667-3:2006/ISO 5667-3:2003
  • Guidance on sampling from lakes, natural and man-made;
    • SANS 5667-4:1987/ISO 5667-4:1987
  • Guidance on sampling of drinking water from treatment works and piped distribution systems
    • SANS 5667-5:2006/ISO 5667-5:2006
  • Guidance on sampling of rivers and streams
    • SANS 5667-6:2006/ISO 5667-6:2005
  • Guidance on sampling of waste waters
    • SANS 5667-10:2007/ISO 5667-10:1992
  • Guidance on sampling of groundwater
    • SANS 5667-11:2015/ISO 5667-11:2009
  • Guidance on sampling of sludges
    • SANS 5667-13:2016/ISO 5667-13:2011
  • Guidance on quality assurance of environmental water sampling and handling
    • SANS 5667-14:2016/ISO 5667-14:2014
  • Guidance on sampling of groundwater at contaminated sites
    • SANS 5667-18:2007/ISO 5667-18:2001
Environmental Assurance (Pty) Ltd. (ENVASS) offers a wide range of Compliance Monitoring services, where all fieldwork is conducted by experienced environmental consultants, trained in the methods of sampling. If you may require a proposal for these services please do not hesitate to contact our highly qualified and experienced specialists at ENVASS on 012 460 9768 or info@envass.co.za

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