Noise monitoring is considered to be a measure to exercise duty of care (Section 28(1) of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 (NEMA)), as the study undertaken will provide the current conditions of noise on the site, which can then be used to determine the possible impact of the activity and thereby provide possible mitigation measures to prevent noise pollution.

As various activities could contribute to noise generation, it is important to determine the extent of noise generated by specified activities. This can in turn lead to the management and mitigation of noise generating activities by means of implementing different measures with the aim of preventing the noise generated from becoming noise pollution.

The South African National Standard (SANS) 10103, the latest edition of which is SANS 10103:2008 – The Measurement and Rating of Environmental Noise with Respect to Annoyance and to Speech Communication, provides guidance in defining noise impact criteria limits and standards and is also used by local authorities in the control of environmental noise. A study must be conducted in terms of the provisions of SANS 10103 of 2008, during a day and night time period, for a minimum of ten (10) minutes per identified locality. A certified and calibrated sound level meter is required to provide accurate and reliable measurements. The noise assessment is compiled by studying and analysing the activities and by determining the possible noise impacts these activities will have on the surrounding land users.

Various data source inputs are required which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • The site layout and geographical location;
  • Sensitive receptors in the area;
  • Noise generating activities in the area; and
  • Actual measured noise data from the site. 
From the abovementioned data, the areas or activities most prone to noise generation is determined and actual noise measurements obtained. A report is then complied with all available information and recommendations with mitigation measures provided to prevent noise from becoming a nuisance.

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