Air quality monitoring programmes are implemented to establish the type and volumes of emissions emanating from activities for identification and implementation of mitigation measures to minimise air pollution. The programmes mainly consist of Passive Dust Fall Out Monitoring or selective implementation of Active Indicative Monitoring.

Passive Dust Fall Out monitoring comprises of standard dust buckets prepared and set up at predetermined border locations, relating to main compass directions for periods of 30 (±2) days. The masses of the water soluble and –insoluble components of the material collected are then determined and results reported as mg/m2/day for compliance determination, while Active Indicative Monitoring refers to the simultaneous measurement of several parameters by means of a handheld device (e.g. Particulate Meter).

The design and implementation of Air Quality Monitoring Programmes ensure compliance to relevant regulations (e.g. National Dust Control Regulations, 2013 published under GNR 827 of 1 November 2013) and associated Atmospheric Emission Licences (AELs) which in return enables identification and mitigation of pollution effects.

Environmental Assurance (Pty) Ltd. (ENVASS) offers a wide range of Compliance Monitoring services, including Environmental Air Quality Monitoring, Programme Design and Dust Management Plans which can be utilised on your next project. If you may require a cost-effective compliance monitoring solution proposal for these services please do not hesitate to contact our highly qualified and experienced specialists at ENVASS on 012 460 9768 or info@envass.co.za

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