ENVASS, NWU and Deloitte unpacks environmental compliance

Posted on 15 Nov 2017

ENVASS (Pty) Ltd, North West Branch, again hosted the quarterly environmental seminar on Friday 10 November.   The session was attended by various medium and large mining houses such as Glencore Mining, Afarak Mogale,  Eastplats, SAbrix,  Barplats, Ilangabi and Brikor  as well as various industrial sectors such as Group Five, Infrabuild, AEL and Lafarge.


The previous ENVASS environmental seminar, which was hosted in June 2017, focussed on interpretations of legal requirements and had key note speakers from the Tabacks Legal Consulting group.  This November 2017 working session was able to extend the knowledge base and focussed on legal and functional roles of the ECO (Environmental Control Officer), presented in detail by Dr. Wessels from North West University (NWU).  Dr. Wessels as key note speaker set the scene for more detailed functional presentations on aspects such as SASS 5 monitoring, Biodiversity Management plans as well as a technical overview of the transition of the ISO 14001 EMS.  These functional presentations emphasised the in-house proficiency of ENVASS and showcased key services offered by ENVASS.


The seminar was concluded by a presentation from Alessio Predieri (Deloitte).  His presentation secured an understanding of the external verification process on particular the pending GNR 1147 financial provision regulations.  He was able to explain the manner in which external verification bodies will go about assessing and verifying reports.  His presentation was augmented by experiential contributions from the in-house mine closure division of ENVASS headed by senior mine closure specialists, Emile van Druten and DuToit Wilken.


The day was earmarked as yet another successful client interaction and ENVASS again positioned itself as the value adding service provider of choice in the North West province.  For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on info@envass.co.za