ENVASS Hydrogeological Division

Posted on 21 Jul 2017

ENVASS is renowned for the delivery of highly effective environmental solutions to various industries and sectors. Through our extensive skills and experience reference base, ENVASS boasts with the ability to streamline existing programmes into improved cost effective and integrated solutions providing tangible high medium and long term value propositions.  One of these value propositions is the introduction of the ENVASS hydrogeological division.

This division is committed to provide ENVASS clients with advanced expertise in any field relating to Hydrogeology, Geology and/or groundwater related studies.  The vision of this division is to develop into one of the leading Hydrogeological service providing platforms which is distinguished for quality and customer satisfaction as well as long term customer-service provider relationships.  This will be done by providing the client with the maximum value in terms of resources, time and expertise.

Our value proposition and services through the hydrogeological division includes the following:

  • Water Resources Sector:
    • Groundwater flow and transport modelling;
    • Groundwater Reserve Determinations;
    • Bottled Natural/Mineral Water Development;
    • Landfill Hydrogeological Investigations;
    • Groundwater and Surface Water Resource Development Plans;
    • Rural or urban water supply Investigations;
    • Borehole and aquifer testing; and
    • Aquifer hydraulics determinations.
  • Mining Sector:
    • Numerical Groundwater Modelling;
    • Pollution Plume Migration Studies;
    • Mine Dewatering Strategies and Studies;
    • Chemical Contamination/Hydrochemistry Studies; and
    • Water Supply Investigations
  • Groundwater Monitoring Sector:
    • Water Quality Monitoring of Surface Water and Groundwater;
    • Microbiological Monitoring of Surface Water and Groundwater; and
    • Groundwater Level Monitoring