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ENVASS is customer and solutions driven.

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ENVASS is customer and solutions driven. Adding value remains our focus, and it is this focus that distinguishes us and makes us more sustainable than our competitors. ENVASS is renowned for the delivery of highly effective environmental solutions to various industries. Through our extensive skills and experience reference base ENVASS boasts with the ability to streamline existing programs into improved cost-effective and integrated solutions providing high tangible medium and long-term value propositions.

Through independent scientific consulting advice, our clients are placed first through:
  • The continuous individual and team talent;
  • Identifying and responding to our ideal client;
  • Knowing and applying our own strengths;
  • Streamlining of our product and revenue streams;
  • Benchmarking (competitor) and improvement of our products;
  • Management of leading KPIs


The ENVASS credo is a belief and value set that guides all company actions.
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Helping industries to do business today and have the world they want tomorrow.


  • Establishing ENVASS as the leading environmental consulting firm
  • Build stability and success through sustainable growth and profit
  • Put clients and their needs in the heart of the business
  • Valued customers as the heart of the business
  • Deliver more than just compliance with environmental regulations


ENVASS has a customer focussed, quality-driven culture striving to present environmental solutions through analysing, calculating, and interpreting problems based on project management principles by a team continuously working to better itself.

Envass Ethos

“Every Job To Spec, A Spec for Every Job”

We At Envass

  • Places the client first;
  • Project management approach;
  • Provides the completed high-quality product on time;
  • Efficient and effective;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Focused;
  • Comprehensive services addressing all the client’s needs; and
  • Utilises client’s existing information to develop the best solution for environmental issues
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Empowerment Focus

ENVASS (Pty) Ltd is a Level Two (2) Contributor to B-BBEE, BEE procurement recognition level: 125%, with Black Ownership of 51% which has 45,80% Black Women Ownership (Envass GAIA Trust). In addition, ENVASS holds a valid Tax clearance certificate and all other required Licence to Operate documentation for industry operation and compliance.

All Licence to Operate documentation is available upon request.
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