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Providing Environmental Solutions since 2004


The ENVASS Group is renowned for the delivery of accurate environmental solutions for the Forestry sector. As a proudly South African company, our value proposition focuses on meeting your project needs with innovative and practical solutions. Our project management and integrated team approach when working with our clients provides solutions grounded in sustainable developments and primed by our independent in-house specialists tailored to reflect legislative and regulatory realities.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service guiding decisions for a better, more sustainable future.

Our services in this industry including but not limited to:

  • Compliance Audits

    • Water, Waste & Atmospheric Licence Audits
    • NEMA Regulation 34 EA & EMPr Audits
    • Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Audits
    • Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) Audits
    • GN 704 Audit and exemption applications
    • GN926 Norms & Standards, and regulation specific compliance audits
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Specialist

    • Aquatic SASS5 biomonitoring
    • Terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity impact assessments
    • Alien Species management plans
    • DWS Section 21(c) and (i) Risk Assessment Matrix
    • Wetland impact assessments
    • EIA specialist compliance statements
    • Wetland Rehabilitation Plans
  • Compliance Monitoring

    • Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting
    • Groundwater Quality Monitoring and Reporting
    • Hydrosensus design and execution
    • Air Quality Monitoring and Reporting (Passive and Active)
  • Specialist Assessments

    • Air Quality Baseline Assessments
    • Noise Baseline and Nuisance Assessments
    • Odour Baseline and Nuisance Assessments
    • Visual Baseline Assessments
    • Water and Salt Balance Models
  • Environmental Authorisations

    • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s)
    • Water Use Licence Applications (WULA’s)
    • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
    • Waste Licence Applications
    • Air Emissions Licence Applications (AEL)
  • ISO 14001 EMS

    • EMS Design and Implementation
    • Internal Audits
    • ISO 14001:2004 – ISO 14001: 2015 Gap Analysis
    • ISO 14001 Systems Training
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