Posted on 10 May 2019

Our value proposition extends into what we refer to as a packaged and tailored made compliance solutions, which inherently secures a consistent level of effectiveness and efficiency through the culmination and integration of protocols, processes, interpretations and reports.  This integrated solutions package also enables us to minimize on administrative and associated expenses which ultimately results in a more cost effective long-term solution.

The business case for an Integrated Compliance Approach

ENVASS is renowned for the delivery of highly effective environmental compliance solutions to various industries.  Through our extensive skills and experience reference base, ENVASS boasts the ability to streamline existing environmental compliance services into improved cost effective and integrated solutions providing a medium and a long term value proposition.

This refined solution driven approach is enabled further through our highly qualified team of environmental and project management specialists and underpinned by our internal governance processes which are directly linked into project management principles.  We also view ourselves as a client sensitive service provider and therefore remain exceptionally sensitive to our clients and their particular and variable needs.

Our services can be tailored into a single, packaged solution which ensures environmental compliance at planning, implementation, review and corrective action levels within your environmental governance programme.  We believe our ability to act as a one stop compliance support centre, eliminates the need and associated uncertainty associated with multiple service providers, particular on compliance aspects which are comparable such as the audit programme and the compliance monitoring programmes.

We have customised environmental compliance services, which can be combined with the following environmental services at any time, frequency and/or quantity as desired: Compliance Monitoring; Environmental Authorisations; Compliance Audits (Internal/External); Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001); Mine Closure & Liability; Specialist studies; Aquatic Health; Water Resource Management


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