Employee Development: Training

Posted on 10 Dec 2021

Environmental Assurance (Pty) Ltd (ENVASS) prides itself on value-added service offerings and continued growth, culminating unique skills and training opportunities for sustained employee development. ENVASS has an established environmental audit division, serviced by highly qualified and experienced auditors, who provide auditing services to various mining houses and industry sectors in South Africa.


Recently, ENVASS sent four employees (Damon Nell, Deon Fourie, Anton Botha and Richard Viljoen) on the Environmental Legal Compliance & Auditing 2-day training course. The training was hosted by Janice Tooley Attorneys who focus on environmental law. The training course provided insight into environmental auditing and identifying and understanding applicable legislation. The training focussed on legislation in terms of waste management, chemical and hazardous substances, water management, air quality management, climate change and energy, biodiversity, marine and coastal management and heritage resources.


The broad basis of environmental legislation covered during the course ensured a better understanding of the environmental legislation and the requirements needed to ensure compliance. Another important aspect covered was the preparation and importance of an environmental legal register. An environmental legal register incorporates all levels of legislation (national, provincial, local and by-laws), environmental authorisations and company-specific policies and practices. In South Africa, over 108 pieces of legislation should be considered for relevance when trying to identify applicable environmental legislation to be incorporated in your company’s environmental legal register. In addition, an accurate and up to date environmental legal register is crucial in ensuring all aspects of environmental law are taken to account and complied with.


Improvement of current product and service offerings along with internal skills development for more in-house service offerings forms an integral part of ENVASS`s strategic objectives and targets. If ever you may require a proposal for professionally registered scientists and auditors to conduct the environmental audits, please do not hesitate to contact Environmental Assurance (Pty) Ltd. (ENVASS) at info@envass.co.za or call us on 012 460 9768