What is an Environmental Consultant?

An environmental consultant is someone who works on a contractual basis for both public and private sectors. The greatest benefit is therefore this: we can conduct environmental studies independently with scientific knowledge and a wide range of technical expertise. This includes field and desktop studies on a daily basis and the capability to write quality scientific reports that can be understood.

Some may say that they don’t need environmental consultants, however we strongly disagree. Environmental consultants play an enormous role within our modern economy, helping government decision-makers to create opportunities for sustainable development and reduce impacts on future generations. The following eight features are core functions of consultants:

  1. Providing valuable information – Providing information may involve studies pertaining to market surveys, feasibility studies, or analyses of the competitive structure of an industry or business. Regularly information is the only asset that a client wants.
  2. Solving problems – Consultants work in such a way that valuable definitions emerge naturally as the engagement proceeds as consultants need to explore and resolve problems before setting it out to the client to solve it themselves.
  3. Applicable recommendations – With report writing or presentations that explain the findings and what can be done to rectify it. The client thereafter decides whether and how to implement it.
  4. Environmental consultants implement changes without interjecting the manager’s job. The consultant strives to implement the actions required.
  5. Environmental consultant builds consensus and commitment. Consultants have finely tuned skills and they can see these required steps through.
  6. Transfer knowledge – Consultants always leave behind something of lasting value. They help clients to learn methods they require to cope with future challenges and changes.
  7. Compliance – The main focus of a consultant is to maintain and establish environmental compliance with applicable regulations.
  8. Environmental consultants are experts at spreading environmental awareness around the community and the workplace.
In short environmental consultants provide safe and quality environmentally focused services, especially to aid clients in compliance with environmental legislation; to help reduce the overall impact of the activity, while supporting sustainable development.

Who is ENVASS?

ENVASS is an environmental consultancy, established in 2004 in South Africa. Today, ENVASS employs 15 people with a track record of performance in the environmental field, in four offices in South Africa. The company provides a comprehensive range of services, to a variety of satisfied customers in various industrial, developmental and mining sectors. ENVASS delivers state-of-the-art expertise in Environmental Management throughout the project life cycle from project planning through to feasibility studies, procurement and management. The management of environmental projects can be complex, time-intensive and challenging. Our services ensure proper planning, implementation, budget control and successful completion of deliverables.

Further to our value proposition is ENVASS’ commitment to the principles of sustainable development (Economics, Social and Environment) based on our belief that operating responsibly and to the highest international standards, regardless of our location, mitigates risks and creates opportunities.

ENVASS’ commitment to continuous improvements in health, safety and environment performance, as well as to the establishment of equality in the workplace, ensures that we leave behind a positive legacy of stronger, more sustainable communities once the project has been completed.

The consideration of sustainability risks, challenges and opportunities is integrated in the way we manage our projects.

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