Advantages of the ENVASS virtual server project approach

Posted on 10 Mar 2021

It has been almost a year since South Africa declared a national state of disaster in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Amid the upheaval we were faced with a new ‘hybrid’ way of working, which has led many businesses to fast-track their adoption of remote work technologies, online systems and virtual servers.


The launch of our new cloud server approach has provided us with an opportunity to reimagine everything about the way we work, collaborate and communicate with both each other and our clients.


Our new online collaboration driven ecosystem guarantees quick and smooth document management and communication allowing us to offer our clients agile service that is both secure and increases productivity and efficiency.


As a team we can work together online in ways that tap into a broader set of skills and capacities. Collaborating and working online is more than a band-aid solution for the current challenge we are all faced with. It is an opportunity for us to grow and move our company forward with this new normal way of life.