Why water and salt balances?

POSTED ON 26 Oct 2018

As mining operations are critically dependent on water and conservation of water resources, a water balance serves as the ultimate tool to assess the current status, in addition to identifying discrepancies, shortages and leakages within...


Water Resource management Cape Town

POSTED ON 20 Aug 2018

The Cape Town government has seen and considered various ideas and proposals flying across the desk to solve the still continuing water crisis in the Cape Town region. One very radical “thinking-out-of-the-box” idea to tow...


Hydrogeological Services

POSTED ON 11 Jul 2018

Envass has aligned with Matthew Damhuis of Alicanto Groundwater Solutions to offer more comprehensive hydrogeological capabilities to our valued clients. Matthew is a hydrogeologist with 8 years of experience in the South African and African...


The importance of fish community studies in aquatic Bio-monitoring

POSTED ON 10 Jul 2018

The importance of using fish as a bio-indicator during bio-monitoring is often undervalued. The study of fish community structures highlight long term impacts associated with a particular reach or bio-monitoring point. Fish communities are mainly...

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